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B.G.S.C. - Botchok's Game Shark Codes
Sony PlayStation Game Shark Codes

This is a list of all my Sony PlayStation Game Shark codes. This serves as an index. I did not include anymore the codes that were submitted to me when I was still running the Game Shark Depot. I do not take contributions or requests of codes anymore.

Note: You'll need a Game Shark or Pro Action Replay to use these codes. I recommend that you upgrade it to the latest version.


Ace Combat (JPN)
Ace Combat 2 (JPN)
Ace Combat 2 (USA)
Agent Armstrong (JPN)
Arkanoid Returns (JPN)
Armored Core: Project Phantasma (JPN)
Ayrton Senna Kart Duel 2 (JPN)


Battle Arena Toshinden 3 (JPN)
Battle Sabers (JPN)
Beast Wars: Transformers (USA)
Bio Hazard (JPN)
Bio Hazard: Director's Cut (JPN)
Bio Hazard 2 (Beta)
Bloody Roar: Hyper Beast Duel (JPN)
Bushido Blade (JPN)


Caesar's Palace (USA)
Choro Q 2 (JPN)
Codename: Tenka (USA)
College Slam (USA)
Crash Bandicoot (USA)
Croc 2 (USA)
Crow: City of Angels (USA)
Crypt Killer (USA)
Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness (JPN)


Dakar '97 (JPN)
Dead or Alive (JPN)
Destruction Derby 2 (USA)
Dragon Ball Final Bout (JPN)
Dynasty Warriors (USA)


Einhänder (JPN)
Elemental Gearbolt (JPN)


Fantastic Four (USA)
Fighter's Impact (JPN)
Formula 1: Championship Edition (USA)


G Darius (JPN)
Gex 2: Enter The Gecko (Beta)
Ghost in the Shell (JPN)
Golden Nugget (USA)
Gowcaizer (JPN)
Gradius Gaiden (JPN)
Gunbird (JPN)
Gundam: The Battle Master (JPN)
Guntu US Special Force: Guntu Western Front June, 1944 (JPN)


Herc's Adventures (USA)
Hercules (USA)


Interactive CD Sampler Pack Vol. 3 (USA)
Interactive CD Sampler Pack Vol. 4 (USA)


J's Racin' (JPN)
Judge Dredd (USA)


Killing Zone (JPN)
Klonoa: Door To Phantomile (JPN)
Knockout Kings 2000 (USA)


Lethal Enforcers I & II (USA)
Lode Runner (USA)
Lost World: Jurassic Park (USA)


Machine Hunter (USA)
Macross Digital Mission VF-X (JPN)
Maha Go! Go! Go! (JPN)
March Madness '98 (USA)
Marvel Super Heroes (JPN)
Marvel Super Heroes (USA)
Maximum Force (USA)
Metal Gear Solid (USA)
Metal Slug (JPN)
Mission Impossible (USA)
MLB '98 (USA)
Monopoly (USA)
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (USA)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (USA)
Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 (JPN)


Namco Museum Encore (JPN)
Nascar '98 (USA)
NBA Basketball 2000 (USA)
NBA Fastbreak '98 (USA)
NBA Hangtime (USA)
NBA In The Zone 2 (USA)
NBA In The Zone '98 (USA)
NBA Jam Extreme (USA)
NBA Jam T.E. (JPN)
NBA Live '98 (USA)
NBA Live 2000 (USA)
NBA Powerdunkers (JPN)
NBA Powerdunkers 3 (JPN)
NBA Shoot Out '97 (USA)
NBA Shoot Out '98 (USA)
NBA Showtime (USA)
NCAA Basketball Final Four '97 (USA)
Nightmare Creatures (Beta)
Nuclear Strike (USA)


Official PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc No. 7 (USA)
Official PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc No. 8 (USA)
One (USA)


Panzer Bandit (JPN)
Pocket Fighter (JPN)
Porsche Challenge (USA)
Powerboat Racing (USA)
Psychic Force (USA)



Rage Racer (JPN)
Raiden DX (JPN)
Rampage World Tour (USA)
Ranma 1/2 Battle Renaissance (JPN)
Rascal (USA)
Ray Tracers (JPN)
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (USA)
Reciproheat 5000 (JPN)
Ridge Racer (JPN)
Ridge Racer Revolution (JPN)
Rockman X3 (JPN)
Rockman X4 (JPN)
Runabout (JPN)
Rush Hour (USA)


Sampras Extreme Tennis (JPN)
San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing (USA)
Sangoku Musou (JPN)
Shipwreckers (USA)
Side By Side Special (JPN)
Skullmonkeys (Beta)
Sonic Wings Special (JPN)
Soukyu-Gurentai Oubushustugeki (JPN)
Soul Edge (JPN)
Space Invaders (JPN)
Space Jam (USA)
Speed King (JPN)
Star Gladiator (JPN)
Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi (USA)
Steel Reign (USA)
Street Fighter Ex Plus Alpha (JPN)
Street Fighter: Real Battle on Film (JPN)
Street Fighter Zero (JPN)
Street Fighter Zero 2 (JPN)
Super Robot Shooting (JPN)
Swagman (USA)


Tekken (JPN)
Tekken 2 (JPN)
Tekken 2 (USA)
Tekken 3 (JPN)
Tennis Arena (USA)
Test Drive 4 (USA)
Theme Hospital (USA)
Time Crisis (JPN)
Tobal No. 1 (JPN)
Tobal 2 (JPN)
Tomb Raider (Beta)
Tomb Raider 2 (Beta)
Treasures of the Deep (USA)
Twisted Metal EX (JPN)
Twisted Metal 2 (USA)
Twisted Metal 2 (Beta)



Van-Gale: The War of Neo-Century (JPN)
VR Baseball '97 (USA)


War Gods (USA)
Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style (USA)


X2 (JPN)



Zero Divide 2 (JPN)

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