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B.G.S.C. - Botchok's Game Shark Codes
Sony PlayStation Game Shark Codes

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No Life Meter Player 1
800AC274 0000

No Life Meter Player 2
800AC2BC 0000

No Power Meter Player 1
800AC278 0000

No Power Meter Player 2
800AC290 0000

Player 1 Character Modifier
800AB788 00??

Player 2 Character Modifier
800AB78C 00??

Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes

00 - Han Solo
01 - Arden Lyn
02 - Chewbacca
03 - Thok
04 - Random Pick
05 - Hoar
06 - Luke Skywalker
07 - Boba Fett
08 - Princess Leia
09 - Darth Vader
0A - Princess Leai
0B - Jodo Kast
0C - Stormtrooper
0D - Mara Jade

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