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B.G.S.C. - Botchok's Game Shark Codes
Sony PlayStation Game Shark Codes

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Home Team Scores 00
80065228 0000

Away Team Scores 00
8006526C 0000

Infinite Power Home Team
800BE8D0 03E8
800BE8D2 03E8
800BE8D4 03E8
800BE8D6 03E8
800BE8D8 03E8
800BE8DA 03E8
800BE8DC 03E8
800BE8DE 03E8
800BE8E0 03E8
800BE8E2 03E8
800BE8E4 03E8
800BE8E6 03E8

Infinite Power Away Team
800BF364 03E8
800BF366 03E8
800BF368 03E8
800BF36A 03E8
800BF36C 03E8
800BF36E 03E8
800BF370 03E8
800BF372 03E8
800BF374 03E8
800BF376 03E8
800BF378 03E8
800BF37A 03E8

Stop Shot Clock
8006BAF6 05AA

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