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B.G.S.C. - Botchok's Game Shark Codes
Sony PlayStation Game Shark Codes

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CART World Series

Always Place First
800BE802 0001

Start at Last Lap
800773A2 0102

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Infinite Lives
80073D38 0003

Have 99 Crystals
800737A4 0063

Have 6 Gobbos Saved
800737A8 0006

Have All 5 Colored Crystals
800738BC 001F

Have Silver Key
800738B8 0001

Have Gold Key
800738B4 0001


Infinite Lives Player 1
800D9EFC 0003

Infinite Lives Player 2
800DC364 0003

Infinite Special Attack Player 1
800D9F2A 1000

Infinite Special Attack Player 2
800DC392 1000

Invincible Player 1
800DC2B8 0061

Invincible Player 2
800DE720 0061

Steel Reign

Infinite Shields
800BD8D8 00C8
800BD8DA 00C8
800BD8DC 00C8
800BD8DE 00C8

Infinite Phoenix Missiles
800BDA34 0004

Infinite Cannon
800BDA7C 0004

Infinite Guided Missiles
800BDA22 0004

Infinite Ion Cannon
800BD9EC 0100

Infinite Specials
800BDA46 00E8

Infinite Mines
800BDA6A 0008

Infinite Plasma Cannon
800BD9FE 0100

Infinite Mark Laser I
800BD9C8 0100

Infinite Mark Laser II
800BD9DA 0100

Parappa The Rapper

Always Score 999 Points
801E09D0 03E7

U Rappin' Modifier
801E09EE 000?

? = 0 - Cool : 1 - Good : 2 - Bad : 3 - Awful

Treasures of the Deep

Infinite Health
800B98C0 EA60

Infinite Nets
8004788C 000A

Infinite Torpedo
8004788E 000A

Infinite Mine
80047890 000A

Infinite UV Missile
80047892 000A

Infinite Seeker
80047894 000A

Infinite Freezer
80047896 000A

Infinite Plasma
80047898 000A

Infinite Torch
8004789A 000A

Infinite Time Bomb
8004789C 000A

Infinite ROV
8004789E 0002

Infinite Flare
800478A0 000A

Infinite Medkit
800478A2 000A

Infinite Emergency Air
800478A4 000A

Infinite Visor
800478A6 0002

Armored Core

Infinite Energy
801A95A0 8490

Infinite Boosters
80048076 6D60

Infinite Machine Gun
80048342 01F4

Infinite Small Missiles
8004837E 0028

Ace Combat 2

Infinite Missiles
80161230 0032

Infinite Fuel
3009AC74 0000

Infinite Time
3009AC75 0000

Porsche Challenge

Always Place First
800E166A 0001

Infinite Checkpoint Time
800E1680 070C

Infinite Elapsed Time
800E1684 0000

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