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B.G.S.C. - Botchok's Game Shark Codes
Sony PlayStation Game Shark Codes

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Infinite Health
800C51AC 0080
800C867E 0060

Have Rocket Launcher in Chest
800C8782 FF0A

Item Modifiers

Infinite Item in 1st Position
800C8784 ????

Infinite Item in 2nd Position
800C8786 ????

Infinite Item in 3rd Position
800C8788 ????

Infinite Item in 4th Position
800C878A ????

Infinite Item in 5th Postion
800C878C ????

Infinite Item in 6th Postion
800C878E ????

Chest Item Modifiers

Infinite Item in 1st Chest Postion
800C8724 ????

Infinite Item in 2nd Chest Postion
800C8726 ????

Infinite Item in 3rd Chest Position
800C8728 ????

Infinite Item in 4th Chest Position
800C872A ????

Infinite Item in 5th Chest Position
800C872C ????

Infinite Item in 6th Chest Position
800C872E ????

Infinite Item in 7th Chest Position
800C8730 ????

Infinite Item in 8th Chest Position
800C8732 ????

Infinite Item in 9th Chest Position
800C8734 ????

Infinite Item in 10th Chest Position
800C8736 ????

Infinite Item in 11th Chest Position
800C8738 ????

Infinite Item in 12th Chest Position
800C873A ????

Infinite Item in 13th Chest Position
800C873C ????

Infinite Item in 14th Chest PositionP
800C873E ????

Infinite Item in 15th Chest Position
800C8740 ????

Infinite Item in 16th Chest Position
800C8742 ????

Infinite Item in 17th Chest Position
800C8744 ????

Infinite Item in 18th Chest Position
800C8746 ????

Infinite Item in 19th Chest Position
800C8748 ????

Infinite Item in 20th Chest Position
800C874A ????

Infinite Item in 21st Chest Position
800C874C ????

Infinite Item in 22nd Chest Position
800C874E ????

Infinite Item in 23rd Chest Position
800C8750 ????

Infinite Item in 24th Chest Position
800C8752 ????

Infinite Item in 25th Chest Position
800C8754 ????

Infinite Item in 26th Chest Position
800C8756 ????

Infinite Item in 27th Chest Position
800C8758 ????

Infinite Item in 28th Chest Position
800C875A ????

Infinite Item in 29th Chest Position
800C875C ????

Infinite Item in 30th Chest Position
800C875E ????

Infinite Item in 31st Chest Position
800C8760 ????

Infinite Item in 32nd Chest Position
800C8762 ????

Infinite Item in 33rd Chest Position
800C8764 ????

Infinite Item in 34th Chest Position
800C8766 ????

Infinite Item in 35th Chest Position
800C8768 ????

Infinite Item in 36th Chest Position
800C876A ????

Infinite Item in 37th Chest Position
800C876C ????

Infinite Item in 38th Chest Position
800C876E ????

Infinite Item in 39th Chest Position
800C8770 ????

Infinite Item in 40th Chest Position
800C8772 ????

Infinite Item in 41st Chest Position
800C8774 ????

Infinite Item in 42nd Chest Position
800C8776 ????

Infinite Item in 43rd Chest Position
800C8778 ????

Infinite Item in 44th Chest Position
800C877A ????

Infinite Item in 45th Chest Position
800C877C ????

Infinite Item in 46th Chest Position
800C877E ????

Infinite Item in 47th Chest Position
800C8780 ????

Infinite Item in 48th Chest Position
800C8782 ????

Item Slot 7 (Jill Only)
800C8790 ????

Item Slot 8 (Jill Only)
800C8792 ????

Overall Game Playing Time At End of Game is 00'00'00
800C867C 0000

Play as Chris With Jill's Voice and Storyline
800C8668 0000

Play as Jill With Chris's Voice and Storyline
800C8668 0001

Turn Knife Into Rocket Launcher
D00C8784 0001
800C8784 FF0A

All Items In Chest - Set One
800C8724 FF3D
800C8726 FF41
800C8728 FF06
800C872A FF07
800C872C FF08
800C872E FF09
800C8730 FF3E
800C8732 FF13
800C8734 FF14
800C8736 FF15
800C8738 FF16
800C873A FF17
800C873C FF18
800C873E FF19
800C8740 FF1A

All Items in Chest - Set Two
800C8742 FF1B
800C8744 FF1C
800C8746 FF1D
800C8748 FF1E
800C874A FF1F
800C874C FF20
800C874E FF21
800C8750 FF22
800C8752 FF23
800C8754 FF24
800C8756 FF25
800C8758 FF26
800C875A FF27
800C875C FF28
800C875E FF29

All Items in Chest - Set Three
800C8760 FF2A
800C8762 FF2B
800C8764 FF2C
800C8766 FF2D
800C8768 FF2E
800C876A FF2F
800C876C FF30
800C876E FF31
800C8770 FF33
800C8772 FF34
800C8774 FF35
800C8776 FF36
800C8778 FF37
800C877A FF38
800C877C FF39

All Items in Chest - Set Four
800C877E FF3A
800C8780 FF3B
800C8782 FF3C

Open Most Doors
800C86B4 BFDF
800C86B6 CF7E

Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Codes

0001 - Knife
6402 - Baretta 9mm
6403 - Shotgun
6404 - Colt Python (Dum Dum Rounds)
6405 - Colt Python (Magnum rounds)
6406 - Flamethrower
6407 - Bazooka (Explosive Rounds)
6408 - Bazooka (Acid Rounds)
6409 - Bazooka (Flame Rounds)
640A - Rocket Launcher
640B - Clip
640C - Shells
640D - Dum Dum Rounds
640E - Magnum Rounds
640F - Fuel
6410 - Explosive Rounds
6411 - Acid Rounds
6412 - Flame rounds
001B - V-Jolt
001C - Broken Shotgun
001D - Crank (Square)
001E - Crank (Hex)
001F - Emblem
0020 - Gold Emblem
0021 - Blue Jewel
0022 - Red Jewel
0023 - Music Notes
0024 - Wolf Medal
0025 - Eagle Medal
0026 - Chemical
0027 - Battery
0028 - M.O. Disk
0029 - Wind Crest
002A - Flare
002B - Slides
002C - Moon Crest
002D - Star Crest
002E - Sun Crest
632F - Ink Ribbons
0030 - Lighter
0031 - Lock Pick
0032 - Oil
0033 - Sword Key
0034 - Armor Key
0035 - Shield Key
0036 - Helmet Key
0037 - Lab Key
0038 - Special Key
0039 - Dormitory Key
003A - Dormitory Key
003B - C-Room Key
003C - Lab Key
003D - Desk Key
003E - Red Book
003F - Doom Book 2
0040 - Doom Book 1
6441 - First Aid Spray
6442 - Serum
6443 - Red Herb
6444 - Green Herb
6445 - Blue Herb
6446 - Mixed Herbs - Blue & Red
6447 - Mixed Herbs - 2x Green
6448 - Mixed Herbs - Green & Blue
6449 - Mixed Herbs - Green, Red & Blue
644A - Mixed Herbs - 3x Green
644B - Mixed Herbs - 2x Green, 1x Red
004D - Comm Radio
004C - Pick Axe
004E - Bottle of Cool Water
004F - Eagle of East Wolf of West Book
0013 - Empty Bottle of Cool Water
0014 - Bottle of Cool Water
0015 - UMB No.2 (in cool water bottle)
0016 - UMB No.4 (in cool water bottle)
0017 - UMB No.7 (in cool water bottle)
0018 - UMB No.13 (in cool water bottle)
0019 - Yellow-6 (in cool water bottle)
001A - NP-003 (in cool water bottle)
0000 - Delete Item

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